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Mr. Sunjjoy Bhardwaj is a versatile individual with a passion for business, the arts, and innovation. Over the past 33 years, he has achieved remarkable success by establishing a thriving chain of authentic South Indian restaurants and ventures in various sectors across India. As a seasoned leader, Mr. Bhardwaj possesses extensive expertise in initiating and overseeing business operations that demand a deep understanding of critical factors driving success in diverse markets and industries.

Having traversed the globe, he has acquired first hand experience in cross-functional capabilities such as strategic planning, market expansion, product launches, and effective management. His skills encompass key account management, proficient P&L management, and astute competitor analysis. Mr. Bhardwaj is a true visionary who inspires those around him to refine their unique qualities, incorporating them into the organization to foster fresh, superior, and forward-looking outcomes.

Managing Director


Mrs. Meeta Bhardwaj, our amiable and dynamic Managing Director, leads DS Dosa Factory with unwavering determination. Her vision for the company is crystal clear – to become one of the premier food and beverage chains, not only in India but also on the international stage. She aspires to establish the brand's footprint in every facet of the F&B industry and is resolutely committed to realizing this goal, guided by a meticulous and dedicated team.

parties-events-img pata
parties-events-img pata


The proactive director of DS Dosa Factory is dedicated to setting and maintaining high food quality standards. His primary goal is to guarantee unparalleled customer satisfaction while creating an ambiance that will be treasured by restaurant patrons for years to come.